How to Automatically Update PowerPoint Presentation with New Data

Updating presentations with the new data is one of the most time-consuming processes in Market Research Reporting. Though some BI tools allow automatic reports updates, researchers are still forced to update their PowerPoint presentations manually, especially when they copy-pasted charts from other tools.

Chartrics allows you automatically update your PowerPoint presentation with new data in Excel, CSV, and SPSS formats within seconds. In addition, thanks to the smart automation system, all the changes done previously can be automatically applied to the new presentation, saving up to 70% of the working time spent on data analysis and visualization.

But before showing how it works, let's understand when you might need automatic updates of reports.

Generally, automatic update of the report is purposeful for tracking and ad-hoc studies.


Tracking Studies

If you conduct tracking studies for your clients, you probably create recurring reports scheduled at defined intervals. Ideally, in this case, researchers don't have to create the reports from scratch but update the existing ones with the latest data.

But this approach is not always applicable for PowerPoint users, especially when you copy-pasted charts created with other tools. With little or no automation in PowerPoint, researchers usually end up updating charts one by one.

Chartrics Add-in is specifically designed for researchers to automatically update the PowerPoint presentation with the latest data in a single push of the button.


Ad-hoc studies

In opposite to tracking studies, ad-hoc research is conducted as a one-off study and addresses a specific subject. So, the question here is, why do you need an automated update of the one-time report?

Let's assume you are conducting a large-scale survey for your client that requires a longer time to gather the complete data.

For some reason, while the survey is still in progress, your client may request to share “by now results” in the form of a presentation.

With Chartrics Chart Maker, you can create your report with the already available survey data and share it with your client through Cloud or Email. Afterward, when the final data is there, all you'll need is to refresh the existing presentation with the complete dataset.


Required Condition* To update the existing PowerPoint report with new data, you should have created it with Chartrics Chart Maker.



  1. In PowerPoint > go to Chartrics add-in > open the presentation from " My Cloud" that you wish to update with new data
Note* If you wish to keep the existing presentation, it is recommended to copy it before updating with the new data.
  1. In the Chartrics toolbar, under Report Update, click on the Dataset Change button
  2. Check (if already uploaded into Cloud) or upload the new dataset by which you want to update the existing presentation > click Next
  3. Map the variables if they have been renamed in the new dataset

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.